Is it okay for me to say i <love3 you ? (xbritxnicolex) wrote in takeourpicture,
Is it okay for me to say i <love3 you ?

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application (: and lots of pictures

Name: Brittany
Nicknames: Britty
Date of birth: 7/7/89
Location, Location, Location: altoona,pa  - very boring.
Think...5 bands...ready...go: The used, Coheed and Cambria, My chemical romance, Taking back sunday, and GreenDay
Do you like the 80's?: depends on what part or fashion statement (; lol
Do you take pictures on a regular basis?: yes, everyday maybe 5 or 6 times a day.
Vampires: mmm. reminds me of scary movies, i like it.
Any tatoos or piercings?: Lip, Eyebrow,  belly button, ears. A heart tattoo and my name on my lower back.
What color is your hair and do you dye it?: Brown with Red, blonde and Dark brown highlights. Yes i dyed it.
Do you want to have fun in this community?: most def.

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