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another day, another heart attack

Name: Leah Nicole Christian
Nicknames: Big T, Lele, Leahtard, Laya
Date of birth: 12/8/89
Location, Location, Location: Racine/racilla/raytown, Wisconsin, USA, Earth
Think...5 bands...ready...go: Queen, Head Automatica,  TBS, The Used, The Clash
Do you like the 80's?: Yes i do
Do you take pictures on a regular basis?:  All the time, with myspace its a "scene thing" to whore it up
Vampires: Drink blood, i suppose if you like the taste...
Any tatoos or piercings?: Yes, three piercings on the left ear, 2 on right
What color is your hair and do you dye it?: Its a "shit head leah" its a weird blonde brown, and no ive never dyed it
Do you want to have fun in this community?:  Pictures are pretty effing fun

pICTURES: Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
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