crunk_munkey (crunk_munkey) wrote in takeourpicture,

Name: amber
Nicknames: uh..pretty much just amber. i hate the nickname ambie.
Date of birth:september 19, 1990
Location, Location, Location: maryland
Think...5 bands...ready...go: new edition, destinys child, terror squad, g-unit, the joint chiefs
Do you like the 80's?: dunno; never got the chance to experience them.
Do you take pictures on a regular basis?:nope, i dont got a digital camera so if my aunt takes pictures and gets them online, i see if i am in them.
Vampires:they must not have a problem chewing hard foods.
Any tatoos or piercings?: yup, got each ear pierced.
What color is your hair and do you dye it?: my hair is brown with natural highlights of lighter browns, and i havent died it recently.
Do you want to have fun in this community?: yes.

This is my most recent picture. one of the few decent looking ones.
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